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Cinematic Portraits - Aleyah Solomon

Cinematic Portraits

As part of Aleyah's client work and offerings, her Cinematic Portrait Photography is a custom approach tailored to the individual. Working one-on-one she'll take you through a preliminary meeting to get to know you before presenting concepts for the shoot. Through this initial exchange of ideas, Aleyah will create a unique approach based on your interests and stylistic preferences. This collaborative process looks different for everyone, but her flair for shooting high contrast, art/architecture, and the natural world will ultimately put you in your most cinematic light. 

City + Land Scapes - Aleyah Solomon

Nature + City

Although portraiture is her specialty, Aleyah feels that landscapes and cityscapes can take on the quality of a portrait. In her Nature + City images, she captures the essence of a place; the energy and sometimes abstract moment that really represents, to her, a place she has lived in or visited. Giving moments and certain spaces a personal presence since a young age, she finds beauty and value in capturing the likeness of a place through her lens – often you can find a personal human presence, you just might need to look for it!

Print Shop

Aleyah's images are more than just photographs - they're a window into her world. With her unique perspective and keen eye for beauty, she captures moments and places in a way that is truly captivating and that will transport you to another place and time.

You can purchase an original print of her work on matte photo paper or fine art paper.

Photo Prints - Aleyah Solomon
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