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As part of Aleyah's client work and offerings, her Cinematic Portrait is a custom approach tailored to the individual. Working one-on-one she'll take you through a preliminary meeting to get to know you before presenting concepts for the shoot. Through this initial exchange of ideas, Aleyah will create a unique approach based on your interests and stylistic preferences. This collaborative process looks different for everyone, but her flair for shooting high contrast, art/architecture, and the natural world will ultimately put you in your most cinematic light.

Model on a Paris rooftop with the Eiffel Tower in the distance
Bahia staring towards the ocean mist with her arms up
Artist Jessica Lynn Wiebe wearing with her artwork
A cinematic, aerial wedding photo at Cape Split
Kristen Herrington's Gemini Twins
Emily stares at the camera with Sacre Coeur in the background
Model Ashley Ostapets sitting in the grassy field by the Halifax Grainery
Junhee walking against the winds along the Wolfville Dykes Trail
Jessica Wiebe in the cold waters during a winter cold dip
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