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Winter on the Lake, 2024

Full series available until February 29th

It has been a mild winter - for this Canadian new to Tennessee. But on January 15th, we had our first snow storm! It was beautiful and made me feel a bit homesick. It was also the first time my pup had ever played in snow and of course, she loves it! We've been stuck staying around the house since the slushy snow then turned to solid ice, and without winter tires, it's hard to get around. But being near the lake has its perks!

On January 17th, I woke to a stunning sunrise paired with a temp of -17ºC which made for a really lovely view on the lake. I knew I wanted to drone with snow, so I was prepared with fully charged batteries and was able to capture these dramatic winter scenes thanks to my little DJI Mini 2 drone. Take a peak at the short video as well!

Every image you see in my portfolio was handpicked from some of my newer series that represent an experience, place or editorial. Not wanting to ignore the images that didn't get selected, I created this Exhibit page to reveal full, in-depth works each month, along with an artist statement depicting that time in my life, that experience and the meaning behind the images. To view these series in full, you truly merge into the experience and the story being told.

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