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Above the Streets of Paris, 2021

As seen in Here & There Magazine's Paris City Series,

Images for view until May 31st

What captivates me most in these images isn't only the skyline and architecture, but also the energy as the early morning breathes life into the awakening streets. Paris, with its magnetic charm, hums with the energy of locals and tourists alike. While its beauty at ground level is undeniable, there’s a calmness that envelops above the city that allows one to immerse themselves in the city's majestic allure.

This collection of photographs was captured during the Paris City Series, for Here & There Magazine. For those who don't know this publication, Here & There Magazine curates City Series to showcase distinctive perspectives that define a city's charm and talent. Through immersive exploration, engaging encounters with locals, and a keen eye for highlighting the essence of key spots and experiences, Here & There Magazine transforms into a vibrant canvas—an homage to the city and the rich tapestry of lives woven into its fabric.

A quick highlight of Paris

Every image you see in my portfolio was handpicked from some of my newer series that represent an experience, place or editorial. Not wanting to ignore the images that didn't get selected, I created this Exhibit page to reveal full, in-depth works each month, along with an artist statement depicting that time in my life, that experience and the meaning behind the images. To view these series in full, you truly merge into the experience and the story being told.

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