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Every image you see in my portfolio was handpicked from some of my newer series that represent an experience, place or editorial. Not wanting to ignore the images that didn't get selected, I created this Exhibit page to reveal full, in-depth works each month, along with an artist statement depicting that time in my life, that experience and the meaning behind the images. To view these series in full, you truly merge into the experience and the story being told.

Shenandoah National Park, 2023

Full series available until October 2023

After a month home in Nova Scotia, it was time to make the long drive back to Tennessee - about 25+ hours depending on the route and the stops made. The drive down felt very long being that I was a solo driver, with my pup in the backseat. However, coming back, my sister joined us which meant we would share the driving!


As we planned out our route, we both agreed that a detour to the beautiful Shenandoah National Park would be the perfect time to get out of the car for more than just our usual fifteen minute rest stop breaks. Since we had to make our way down that way, what was another few hours in the car if it meant we could add in a short hike.  


We were both very tired of being in the car, and knew we didn’t have more than an hour to spend if we wanted to be back before it was too late, so we decided on the Blackrock Summit trail, as it was a short 1 mile loop and was dog-friendly. As we were driving towards the hike, we made a few look-off stops where I got my camera out. Here are some of the few images I took while we were exploring the incredible views in Virginia.

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