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Image Spotlight: An Ocean View

Ocean water rolling in
The ocean waves

One thing I didn't fully appreciate until I left East Coast Canada was the ocean. Back home, it was always so accessible—whether by vehicle or on foot.

As a child, the proximity to the water was just part of everyday life. But after moving to Montreal, then Toronto, and finally to Paris, I came to realize how much I missed being near the water. Every time I visited home from Paris, we would go on ocean hikes, go on day-trips to the stunning white sandy beaches along the South Shore, or simply enjoy the view from the Halifax Waterfront, breathing in that delicious salty sea air.

This connection to the ocean, though not unique to me alone, is why I decided to have my first Pop-Up print series 'Ocean View'. These prints capture more than just beautiful moments by the water. The ocean, whether you're there in person or looking at a photo, has a calming and healing energy. Visualization is a powerful tool; a vibrant, richly textured image can transport you, letting you almost feel the cool Atlantic on your toes, the sea mist spraying your face, and even taste the salty air. These images tell a story—not a literal one, but one that connects to your personal experiences and dreams. This is the essence of art: not just hearing the artist's story but finding your own narrative in the piece.

So, what do these images say to you? Do they remind you of a place you've been, or somewhere you're dreaming of going? Do they bring back childhood memories?


Last summer, I drove from Chattanooga to Halifax and was excited to introduce my rescue pup to the ocean. Though initially fearful of many things, she quickly overcame her fear of the crashing waves and loved dipping her toes in the calmer waters during early mornings.

Although I have hundreds of ocean images, I selected the ones in this pop-up series because they resonated the most with me. Some of these images evoke a sense of warmth and carefree joy. I remember one particular day, my first summer back in Nova Scotia after returning from Paris, when my sister and I drove 2.5 hours from the city to escape the heat and enjoy a quiet day by the water.

Here are some images from that day—some familiar and others new—that together paint a picture of that beautiful day on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Click the button to view the full series!

All images © 2024 Aleyah Solomon


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